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Town of Cutler Bay, Florida News and Events is an independent community website providing news, events, and other information to the residents of the Town of Cutler Bay, Florida. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Update on SW 216th ST Development Plans

We are glad to report that the town council voted against changing the town's comprehensive plan that would have allowed over 140 new townhouses to be built in Lakes by the Bay, on 216th street.

Stop Lobbyists From Working On Political Campaigns

In Miami-Dade County and in some local municipalities (including Cutler Bay), candidates for office hire campaign consultants to help them get elected. These same consultants then are hired by developers to lobby their former clients and influence their votes. We believe this this creates an appearance of impropriety and a potential conflict of interest.

In our opinion, this practice needs to end, and since Miami-Dade County is updating their Charter, we are asking residents to contact the Charter Commission. Please visit this link, and in the comments area, write something to the effect of: “Please prohibit campaign consultants from lobbying, and lobbyists from working as campaign consultants, and provide for penalties for violations.” Visit our Facebook page to comment on this issue.

Cutler Bay Road Repairs To Begin

The county will begin milling and resurfacing roads that have been torn-up due to construction by Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Dept. Repairs were scheduled to begin on July 12th (weather permitting). According to the County's Publics Works Dept., the list of roadways that will be fixed include Franjo Road between Caribbean and 92nd Ave. For a complete list visit our Facebook page.

Water Restrictions In Effect

Did you know that the Town of Cutler Bay can issue a fine to residents who are watering their lawn when they are not supposed to? The penalties are as follows: First violation - warning. Second violation - $50.00 fine. Third violation - $125.00 fine. Forth violation - $250.00 fine. Fifth and subsequent violations - $400.00 fines. So when can you water? Odd-numbered addresses may water on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Even- numbered addresses on Thursdays and Sundays. Watering is allowed from 4pm to 10am. Watering is prohibited between 10am and 4pm.

Who Is Lobbying In Our Town

The Town of Cutler Bay has published the names of lobbyists registered with the town. See the list of registered lobbyists and the projects they are lobbying for.

Information on Crime In Our Community

How safe is your community or street? Find out where crimes are taking place by visiting Is a sexual offender or predator living near you? Visit this website to find out.


Cutler Bay Government Information

For more information about the town's charter, agendas, ordinances, how to contact town officials, the town's website, and more, visit our Cutler Bay Government page.

Town Council Meeting and Agenda

Wednesday, September 27th, (meeting begins at 7pm proclamations at 6:30). The meeting take place at Cutler Bay Town Hall, located at 10720 Caribbean Boulevard. You can read the agenda when available at

Listen To Council Meetings Live

Cutler Bay council meetings and workshops can now be listened to "live" as they are taking place. Visit during the meeting and click on the words “in progress”. Past meeting agendas and audio are available from this same link.


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