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Wetlands Development - Cutler Properties LC 

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LATEST UPDATE (September 13, 2007)

Final Decision On Cutler Properties- NO DEVELOPMENT
Back in December, we asked you to write letters to stop a housing development from being built in Cutler Bay, on vacant land at 184th Street and Old Cutler Road, just north of Cutler Cay. This 130 acre site included over 30 acres of degraded wetlands that Cutler Properties LC wanted to fill and develop. The development was temporarily stopped when Cutler Properties was forced to withdraw their petition for a variance before the EQCB.

We are pleased to announce that the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board Committee on Projects and Lands voted today to deny giving Cutler Properties the Environmental Resource Permit they were seeking. Without this permit, the owner will not be able to develop the property.

Hundreds of acres of Biscayne Bay coastal wetlands will be preserved and everglades restoration projects enabled as a direct result of this decision. Closer to home, our coast and green spaces will be preserved and over-development kept at bay. The District has the funds in place to purchase the 130 acre property at 184th and Old Cutler.

Public serving groups and agencies from the Governor down to our local residents have been involved in making this happen but we would personally like to thank all of you that participated in the grass roots effort that contributed to this outcome.


Cutler Properties LC purchased the 138 acre parcel of land situated between the Palmetto Bay Village Center (old Burger King HQ) and Cutler Cay, in October 2003. In addition to the 9+ acres of buildable land fronting Old Cutler Rd, they are now asking for an environmental variance to fill and develop 33.12 acres of wetland area that had been farmed prior to Hurricane Andrew. As part of the variance, Cutler Properties would donate 93.15 acres of high quality wetlands to Miami-Dade county. 

At the November 9th Environmental Quality Control Board meeting, residents from Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay as well as representatives from the Tropical Audubon Society and Biscayne National Park spoke out in opposition to this variance. The EQCB received over 200 (now over 370) emails from concerned residents. The EQCB granted Cutler Properties LC a second continuance in order for the developer to meet with the community. Many individuals and groups in both Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay have expressed their concerns about this development.

At the December 14th EQCB board meeting, Cutler Properties asked for and was given a final continuance. The variance will be be decided at the next local EQCB meeting on January 11th, 5:30pm at the South Dade Government Center, room 203. The EQCB meeting room was standing room only. The public has sent over 370 emails protesting this development. 

The next time this issue goes before the board is January 11, 2007. At this time, this remains an environmental issue, not a zoning issue.

EQCB Meeting Scheduled for January 11th Regarding Cutler Properties
The EQCB will hold a special meeting at 5:30pm on January 11th at the South Dade Government Center, room 203 to decide whether to grant a variance.  This is an unprecedented change of venue and time which will allow area residents the opportunity to participate.  

Cutler Properties LC Application Withdrawn at January 11th EQCB Meeting
At the January 11th EQCB meeting, Cutler Properties withdrew their application requesting a variance to fill 30 acres of wetlands on the property at 184th St. and Old Cutler Road. Approximately 100 people from the community attended the meeting. The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) advised the attorney representing Cutler Properties that they were unable to determine if the proposed project is consistant with the Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands portion of The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). Thank you to everyone who voiced their concerns and attended the meeting.

This is atemporary action and the application may be refiled at a future EQCB meeting after the developer meets with the SFWMD. We will present updated information as it becomes available.

Come to the EQCB meeting on January 11th

  • EMAIL Carlos Espinosa, director of DERM to register your environmental concerns. Write your own or click here for examples you can use. It only takes a few minutes to do. 
  • Come to the local EQCB hearing! Let the EQCB know that you are concerned. 5:30pm on Thursday, January 11th at the South Dade Government Center, room 203.